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Al Khaleej has been effectively fulfilling the requirements of esteemed clients since its inception. We have been endeavouring to satisfy the necessities of cold rooms & refrigeration equipment in Sharjah, Dubai. From its production to its after-sales services, we understand the dynamics and complexities of various ventures and have the skill to give quality answers for industry-specific prerequisites i.e. Dairy, Hotels, Restaurants, Ice Cream, Food Processing, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Biological Research, Chemical Processing, Logistics and so forth.

A cool store is basically a huge, insulated box with a door and a refrigeration system. Depending on airflow, the manner produce has been loaded inside, and the quantity of heat trapped within that produce, the temperature will vary in different regions of the room. Al Khaleej also provides the most affordable cold room supply & installation across the UAE.

Al Khaleej has best-in-class manufacturing facilities situated in Sharjah.

  • We cater to a wide range of Industries like dairy, ice cream, food processing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, cold chain, logistics, hospitals, hospitality, retail, etc.
  • A proficient, functional design is the essential factor. Our Design Team made up of talented designers and creative creators stands prepared to give the most present-day, cost-effective products.
  • An in-depth knowledge of trends and patterns in the market is combined with a mix of “tried and tested” and “new innovation” gear to give the most ideal product.

Cold Room Maintenance & AMC for Refrigeration Equipment:

We have the most comprehensive range of products for all types of cold room and walk-in refrigeration applications. Al Khaleej is a competent and reliable partner for the cold room storage business and cold room Maintenance – AMC, with a wide range of refrigeration solutions, experience, and know-how. 

What we focus on:

  • Solutions that are both reliable and energy-efficient
  • Low operation and maintenance costs, long service life
  • Energy and refrigerant regulations compliance
  • Better food preservation solutions
  • Products that are suited for use with natural refrigerants and reduced GWP refrigerants
  • Expertise in both global and local applications

Advantages of Cold Rooms & Refrigeration Equipment:

Though starting a food business is easy, maintaining it with efficacy can be difficult. To run a commercial kitchen, you may need some necessary cold room equipment in Dubai. Among these cold rooms & refrigeration system is a noteworthy one. It’s unnecessary to cite that to store food items effectively, the significance of cold rooms is undeniable. Cold rooms and refrigeration system is a special room that is equipped with a high-end HVAC system.

Most commercial food businesses use this system to store different food items for long days. This is a kind of necessity for running a food business. For immense advantages, cold rooms and refrigeration are used extensively across the globe. Below are some notable benefits of cold rooms and refrigeration systems that every food business owner should know.

Easy Installation Process

The most important beneficial characteristic of any cold room & refrigeration is none other than its installation process. Cold rooms and refrigeration are one of the most beneficial and are very easy to install for cooling. There is no ductwork required for the installation of cold rooms and refrigeration. The connector between the indoor and outdoor units only needs a space that measures almost 3 inches in diameter. Once that’s done, all that’s expected is electricity access and an area to install your units.

Power Efficient

The next big factor of cold rooms and refrigeration is their great power efficiency. Cold rooms and refrigeration are more energy-efficient due to the no requirements for ductwork like central systems. Since cold rooms and refrigeration offer an entirely ductless layout for offering to cool, this would enhance your energy savings and lessen the loss of your hard-earned money on future electricity bills.

Immense Safety

A cold rooms and refrigeration system provides a lot more safety. Cold rooms and refrigeration systems protect the food items more efficiently. Therefore, it’s always advisable to select cold rooms and refrigeration for storing different food items. Contact any reputed seller for cold room supply & installation.

The Concept Of Zoning

Cold rooms and refrigeration systems cool different regions by dividing the space into various zones. Each zone contains its own thermostat. Different thermostats offer you control over which areas are chilled and authorize you to restrict the cooling to particular zones. This means the use of less power over the long term that ensures the savings of your money to offer to cool. For highly effective cold room maintenance and AMC, contact any reputable service.

Chiller & Freezer Manufacturer & Supplier

Chiller & Freezer are crucial cold room equipment. These equipment are perfect for businesses that want to preserve and store perishable items or keep their food fresh and cold. This equipment has an automatic defrost system to maintain the correct temperature so that your food is always fresh. This equipment also has a digital screen on which you can check whether your food is being kept at the correct temperature or not. These chillers & freezers have an LED light which makes it easy for you to look at what’s inside. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy chiller & freezer manufacturer & supplier in Dubai, Sharjah for your business, then contact us today! And our team will get back to you soon.

Connect with our experts today for more information about cold room equipment, chiller & freezer, commercial kitchen equipment, commercial catering equipment, restaurant kitchen equipment, and more.

Get super-quality products and solutions that are created with industry-leading experience and are available anywhere, allowing you to simply comply with standards while saving money on installation and maintenance. Make the best decision for optimal perishables protection, efficient operation, and a long lifespan.

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