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High-Quality Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment Supplier in Dubai 

Al Khaleej is one of the country’s leading experts in commercial kitchen equipment and commercial catering equipment. We are perceived as innovative catering equipment suppliers embracing advances in energy-saving commercial catering equipment. Our work has changed the kitchens and eateries of some of the best-known restaurants, organizations, and associations in the UAE. From idea to implementation, we are there consistently in providing you with the best catering equipment solutions for you.

Choose the Right Commercial Catering Equipment

Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, cafe or even a cloud kitchen, if you want to ensure the highest quality of service to your guests and customers, you need to have the sleekest, most modern kitchen facilities, equipment and tools at your disposal. With Al Khaleej’s extensive selection of commercial restaurant equipment, you can find everything from commercial-grade grills to ovens and all the accessories that go with it.

  • Commercial Restaurant Ranges – We offer Stove Ranges from small counter-top models with a single burner to large, heavy-duty models with an option to choose between models powered by gas or electricity.

  • Commercial Deep Fryers – Available in both Counter-top and Floor models, you can select either the Electric or Gas powered deep fryers. They come with oil filtration systems that help you extend the life of cooking oil, as well as the disposal of used oil.

  • Commercial Grills / Griddles – Commercial Grills are a key piece of equipment for nearly any Food and Beverage business setup. Choose from our variety of grills, including counter-top and drop-in models with gas or electric-powered options.


For all your niche recipes made on a commercial scale, we offer speciality cooking equipment like pasta thermalizes, rice cookers, crepe makers, and waffle cone bakers. We also offer commercial-grade cooking equipment accessories and replacement parts like gas connectors, hoses, and regulators. For more details about our commercial catering equipment,  get in touch with us today!

Connect with us and talk to our experts to custom-fit the frameworks as per your requirements.

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