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The portfolio of butchery equipment suppliers in Dubai demonstrates how diverse the range must be in order to supply consumers in the butcher's profession in a modern and efficient manner. Because packaging is so vital in this industry, Al Khaleej ensures to provide the best butchery machine Dubai. We understand the requirements when meat and sausage products must be packaged properly and with a high sales potential as the European market leader for vacuum bags.

Meat and sausage products receive the best possible protection.

We have cook-in bags, stand-up pouches, and tubular bags available in addition to the classic side-seal bag in 90my, which can also be found in butcher's counters as a red or blue-white checkered variant, to ensure that the versatile meat and sausage products are optimally protected during transport and at the sales counter. The high-quality Pa/PE barrier films used to make our bags ensure that meat products have a pleasing appearance as well as a longer shelf life. PA (polyamide) provides the necessary oxygen barrier as well as fragrance protection. The moisture barrier and superior sealing qualities of PE (polyethene) are ensured.

Quality that has been certified

Our certifications provide additional verification of our high standards. The BRC Global Standard is the standard that butchers must follow. Al Khaleej has been approved to meet the category's standards for high hygiene risk. The accreditation is applicable for the manufacture of food-safe packaging, for which we received the highest rating. The British Retail Consortium has issued this global standard (BRC).

Full stock benefits butchery equipment suppliers in Dubai

The good news for butchery equipment suppliers is that we have a wide variety of bag types in-store, with varying material compositions, film thicknesses, and sizes, and we can even ship big quantities on pallets. As a butchery equipment supplier, you need a partner with an enterprise like Al Khaleej that can ensure quick delivery dates. After all, when it comes to bagging confectioning, our speed is ultimately what determines your delivery. Our objective is to become one of the market leaders in butchery equipment providers.

Looking for the best butchery equipment provider in UAE?

We have been one of the leading firms in the UAE for manufacturing and supplying commercial catering equipment for ten years. Our mission is to leave a positive impression on our customers. For hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and bakeries, we provide culinary equipment and laundry services. All types of refrigerators and freezers, industrial grease trap, salad bars, convection ovens, rotating ovens, barbecues, kitchen exhaust system, chicken rosters, ecology system, testing chambers, engineering steelworks.

We are continually looking for methods to improve our quality and find the best partners in the industry. Finally, our ultimate goal is for our clients to be satisfied with our prices, delivery, and maintenance.

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